Sunday, April 28, 2013

4/28 Update!

As the semester comes to an end, the adventure that is finals week is just around the corner. This does not mean that I can forget about my upcoming trip and all the details that go along with it. Today, I spoke at my university’s weekly 4pm Gospel Service and received a lot of support from my audience, not to mention the support of Emma Sutphen who I was fortunate enough to share a pew with during the service. Choruses of “amen” sounded out after I spoke briefly about my mission for my year abroad next year in Cuba. As the school year winds down, the trip is beginning to feel more real, and speaking in public today reaffirmed that the mission I am going on next year is real. It feels good to have the support of St. Lawrence, the student community, and those at the gospel service today. Reverend Shaun Whitehead reaffirmed the importance of the church community in supporting missionary work (also gave one of the best prodigal son sermons I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a few.. sorry Dad), and so did the gracious invitation and introduction that I received from Shannon Richardson. I’d like to thank the gospel service for dedicating the offertory plate to the trip at today’s worship, and I’d also like to thank the individuals present today who joined me in my missionary cause. More posts and updates to come, and feel free to email me for any reason. (
Que Dios le bendiga,

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) Video

A short video about the Young Adult Service Corps of the Episcopal Church. This is what it's all about.